How to Enjoy your New Diary at its Best

My Words to You, Parent-to-child Diary, A beautiful keepsake book to treasure for a LIFETIME

My Words to You

is a very customisable diary. BUT to make sure you will enjoy it at its BEST, I am going to list here a few easy steps for you to follow:

Step 1.
Give your child something fun or interesting to do, to keep him/her distracted for a few minutes. (PS. A SMILE A DAY does magic with my toddler!)

Step 2.
Have your favourite pen ready and a calendar handy.

Step 3. Start writing the dates: the first day would be your child’s date of birth. Keep going, bearing in mind that every month’s anniversary would be the beginning of the new month. PS. Don’t get distracted: it is easy to miss it!

Step 4. You can now write whatever you feel like: a happy birthday note, funny anecdotes, a nice moment you shared together, a few lines of your favourite song…

Step 5. Try to involve your partner, a close relative a special friend: let them write something too! PS. This is the hardest part (and optional) but it’s worth the try.

Step 6. After a few months of using the diary, hold your child on your lap and browse together what you have written so far… You will be AMAZED!

Step 7. SMILE at it: it is so therapeutic!