About Us

Imagine a young woman that just said “YES!” to the love of her life.

What now? Who is going to help me plan my Wedding day?

Google of course :) and… a nice, handy notebook!

That was me a few years ago.

But I couldn’t find any nice, handy, useful notebook that could satisfy me so… being literally grown up in our family owned printing house where every occasion was a good opportunity to make my own stationery, and with many years of experience in the Events industry, the only logical solution was… to create one myself.

PS. The wedding was TOP notch!

Wedding photo

Now, imagine a young woman discovering she is pregnant.

What now? Who is going to help me make sure I don’t miss anything important or do anything wrong during the next 9 months?

Google of course :) plus doctors, midwives, relatives, friends and… a nice, handy notebook!

That was me, again, a few years after the wedding.
But I couldn’t find any nice, handy, useful notebook that could fill up my needs. So… I created one myself.

PS. My pregnancy was TOP notch!

Me and my lovely baby

Imagine now a new mum, tired, busy, worried, happy, excited and in love with that new doll she has to take care of, 24/7, for the rest of her life.

That’s me again.

Google is always there, but the precious doll is always there too. And I feed her, I play with her, I get excited as soon as she surprises me with something new, I laugh with her whenever she does something funny. I TALK to her, even though she doesn’t reply to me yet, and probably only understands part of what I am saying.

So what now? How can I make sure she understands me, she laughs with me about silly things, she knows about my love and my emotions and how can I make sure she remembers my WORDS?

Here Google cannot help but a nice, handy notebook can make magic! Really.

This is why I created “My words to you”.

I am busy, I am tired, I have no time for showering… But still having this practical notebook at my reach, I find it very easy to jot down a few words from time to time.

Using it, is really like taking a snapshot with a Polaroid: quick and easy. Not much different from taking notes on a smartphone but with the extra benefit that at the end, as a result, I will have something cozier, more intimate, more personal, I will be passing on to my little one something really precious because it is HANDWRITTEN by me. And I won’t even have to do extra work such as saving, editing, printing… It will be all there. Done and dusted.

Me and my lovely toddler laughing

Guess what? The doll is growing fast and of course she wants to emulate me.

So this is the right time for “A Smile a Day”: the perfect diary for someone who is still struggling with her handwriting.

“A Smile a Day” is a very simple concept: children are invited to draw, possibly every day, or whenever they feel like it, an experience that made them smile. The daily routine teaches them how to keep a diary and hopefully it also keeps maintaining a more positive attitude towards their life - not to mention that it is also a wonderful way to distract them from TV!

I find it FANTASTIC! Don’t you?

A Smile A Day drawing

So, this is my story and I would LOVE to hear yours!

Which of these diaries are you going to try first?

Bye for now,

xoxo Chiara - Creator of HANDWRITING LOVE’s diaries